Week Review: 21st to 25th August 2017

Last week’s identified levels were: 2474, 2460, 2438, 2420, 2403 and 2366.

This week’s levels are the same but adding 2454.

As the week didn’t give much on new levels, I want to share with you the 1,500 ticks chart for the week where you can see the levels and the Sine Wave support and resistance dynamic levels as well as the identified trends:

2017-08-29 12_14_47

Let’s hope next week we have more interesting and active days than this week and soon we can start with daily reviews.

Update on Tuesday 29th of August 2017:

The YTD support line in the daily chart has been broken in the overnight session in quite an abrupt way:

2017-08-29 12_21_26

News from a North Korean missile launched over Japan broke during the overnight session, but you know that markets sometimes are just looking for an excuse to start a new trend.

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