Review 26th of January 2016


Review of market action for 26th of January 2016:

  1. XBP VWAP: First standard deviation acted as a non-horizontal support and resistance level for the whole day. Follow the thin red dotted line to see how price bounced off from the line in several occasions.
  2. XBP Market Key Levels: The Open Range High acted as a horizontal support level for the whole day.
  3. XBP Tape Speed: Extreme signals of this indicator are rare, and powerful, in the 4,500 ticks chart. There are 2 signals during the day, the first one a bit after 9am that signals how the stop losses placed behind the 1887-1888 level (Open High) were run. The second signal, at around 11:20 signals almost perfectly the end of the rally. Most probably big players exited their positions at that moment, which is also highlighted by the deep blue price bars which indicates a high volume reading.
  4. XBP BB SR: This indicator signalled all the market turns perfectly after the Opening session, the first 30 minutes which we don’t recommend anyone to trade.

I hope you can see the value of the indicators playing together to highlight the market movements.

Below is the 1,500 ticks chart for the same day. Can you spot the same key moments? Remember that the 1,500 ticks chart will help you to enter the big moves identified in the 4,500 ticks chart.20160126_1500t

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