Back with ThinkOrSwim

Recently, I haven’t had enough time to do much trading or to take care of the blog. Among the many things that I had to take care, the biggest has been to move from Qatar to Singapore, where I now spend most of my time. Now, that things have settled, I’m back with more time and new energies, and this post is the first of many more to come.

My first trading platform was ThinkOrSwim (TOS) by TD Ameritrade. In TOS I had my first chance to see the markets, I developed my first indicators and as a good newy I had my firsts “payments” to the market 😉

I love the simplicity of TOS, as it is really a plug-and-play platform. Everything is integrated into 1 package: data feed, charts, hundreds of indicators, chat, squawk box, custom indicators, and many more. And what’s best, it has $0 monthly fees. Yes, the commissions are on the expensive side, but once you have done your fair share of trades you can negotiate a better rate with TD Ameritrade. Having a $0 monthly fee is good for those of us who don’t know how much time we can commit to the markets in a certain period of our busy lives. Also, for newies, TOS has an excellent papermoney mode that let’s you “trade” without risking your hard earned capital.

After a couple of years with TradeStation, and few “problems”, I’ve decided to go back to TOS and adapt the XBP Trading indicators and methodology to it. In the following posts I will discuss one by one the different indicators in TOS, their reasoning, their configuration and how to trade with them.

In the meantime I let you with a screenshot of my current screen:


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